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Top Five Runs for Beginners in Tignes

Updated: Jan 22

We are often asked if Tignes is a good resort for beginners. Well the short answer is yes! Looking at the statistics, out of 156 runs, 23 (15%) are classed as beginner or green runs and 66 (42%) are easy or blue. In this blog we'll look at where the beginner slopes are in Tignes and the five best slopes to practise on once you've found your feet!

There are nursery slopes in all three of the main areas of Tignes: Lavachet, Le Lac and Val Claret. The ski school meeting points are located in Le Lac and Val Claret, both of which have a travelator which is great for tired legs. There are also four free lifts for which you don't need a lift pass: the Claret tow and Bollin chair in Val Claret, the Rosset chair in Le Lac and the tow lift in Lavachet. These are great for practising on before progressing to the main slopes.

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Once you've mastered the nursery slopes and are ready for the main slopes these are our top five recommended blue runs in Tignes:

1. Combe (Le Lac)

One of our favourites, Combe is accessed from Le Lac via the Palafour chair lift. It's a gentle blue that is great for warming up on your first run of the day. There are good views over the whole resort and a restaurant on the lower section if you fancy stopping for lunch or a drink. About half way down, you have the choice to branch off to the left down a section which is quite narrow and forms a gully. Often frequented by ski schools, it can be a fun to practise short turns here. Near the bottom of the run, there is a short slalom course to the right side of the piste where two people can race each other. Great for the kids to practise their competitive streak! The Palafour chair lift is also how you can access the Palafou toboggan run which opens from 4:30pm to 7pm, weather permitting. Later in the day Combe gets quite moguly so it's good to ski it first thing to enjoy it at it's best!

2. Creux (towards Val d'Isere)

Accessed by the Toviere gondola Creux takes you over the other side of the mountain towards Val d'Isere. Although the top section near the gondola can get congested, once you are further down it is wide and gently sloping making it great for beginners. Towards the bottom half of the run you can often hear the beats from the famous Folie Douce bar especially in the late afternoon. The run leads down to the Tommeuses chair which is a high speed 8 person lift taking you back up to Toviere from where you can return to Tignes. Be aware that the queues can get big at the end of the day as this is one of only two lifts taking you back from Val d'Isere to Tignes. To get back to Le Lac from the Tommeuses chair, take the Toviere gondola or you can ski down blue piste Henri into Val Claret.

3. Genepy (Grande Motte)

Genepy is on the Grande Motte glacier and can be accessed by either the Lanches and Vanoise chair lift in Val Claret or the funicular takes you there direct. On a sunny day you will be rewarded with amazing views down the valley towards Le Lac and Lavachet. It's best to attempt this run on a clear day, we've experienced strong winds and flat light when the weather isn't so good! The run is gentle and takes you all the way down into Val Claret with some nice flat parts further down. It can get busy towards the end of the day, particularly under the Fresse chair lift when everyone is heading back into resort, so try it in the morning or over lunch time when the slopes are quieter.

4. Grattalu (Val Claret)

A short blue that runs from the top of the Grattalu chair lift above Val Claret, this is a great run for perfecting your turns. It's the kind of slope that gives you confidence and makes you look good! Just after the first section on the right hand side there is access to a series of jumps: a smaller set for beginners and a higher set for more advanced skiers. It's popular with kids and teenagers as well as a few adults willing to give them a go! Further down on the left is a snow park with runs which include jumps and obstacles such as table tops. The smaller jumps are suitable for beginners and there's usually a ski or snowboard school lining up to give them a go. If you're feeling brave, you can hop on the drag lift next to the Grattulu chair and give the border cross course a go!

5. Corniche (Lavachet/Brevieres)

Accessed by the Aiguille Percee chair lift from Le Lac, Corniche takes you round the back of the iconic needle or Aiguille Percee. It's quite shady on this side of the mountain so the snow is usually soft and powdery. The run takes you down to the top of the Chaudanne chair lift which comes up from Lavachet. There is a great self-service restaurant, a restaurant and a bar here together with a large outdoor terrace offering great views towards Lavachet and Le Lac. It's south-facing terrace makes it a great choice for a drink or lunch stop on a sunny day. From the restaurant you can either ski back into Lavachet or Le Lac, or continue down into Brevieres for flat runs through the trees.

We hope you've found our insight into what beginners might expect from Tignes useful. Look out for our next blog where we'll be looking at the 5 best runs for intermediates in Tignes. For a full range of accommodation ideas as well as prices for kit hire and lessons visit our website

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